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Crumbs! Here's why you should stock up on our best-selling biscuits...

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Crumbs! Here’s why you should stock up on our best-selling biscuits…

There’s no denying it - we Brits love biscuits. In fact, Britain has more biscuit eaters than any other country in the world – 27 million UK households buy them regularly, with 61% of the country admitting they own a biscuit tin. Indeed, we love biscuits so much we munch our way through about 500 per person every year. (That’s more than one a day each, but who’s counting?)

Our love of these crunchy treats has seen the British sweet biscuit market grow to an annual value of close to £3 billion.

The humble “bikkie” is so popular in the UK that we even have an entire day devoted to it. National Biscuit Day is observed here every year on May 29 to celebrate everything we love about this irresistible tea-time (or anytime) treat. The day even has its own hashtag #NationalBiscuitDay, and biscuit lovers are encouraged to use it on social media to accompany posts about eating, baking or sharing biscuits.

It's obvious then, that as a retailer, biscuits are big business. In fact, many retailers tell us that biscuits regularly feature in their top 5 most profitable categories. But there’s no doubt that it’s a fiercely competitive market, so it’s important to do everything you can to capitalise on the British love affair with biscuits.

Where and how you display them is particularly important – especially considering the new HFSS (High in fat, salt or sugar) regulations. Although the full extent of the government’s intention to restrict both the promotion and advertising of foods in the HFSS category hasn’t yet come into effect, you’ll no doubt be aware that the first restrictions have already been introduced.

As from October 1 last year, any store over 2,000 sq ft is prohibited from placing HFSS items near checkouts, entrances or at the end of aisles. Additional limitations are in place for online purchases.

This means retailers need to get a little creative when it comes to how and where you merchandise biscuits to maximise visibility and encourage trial.

Of course, one of the strongest factors in retailers’ favour is the fact that biscuit-loving customers will always make a point of finding their favourite treats, no matter where they are in your store. If a product is compelling enough, shoppers will track it down.

This is why it makes so much sense to stock as many of our country’s best-selling biscuit ranges as you can. These are the biscuits your customers keep coming back to, time and time again.

And when you consider that around 80% of biscuit sales come from just 5% of all the biscuit products available, it’s simply good business sense for retailers to prioritise best-selling lines.

Which makes this the perfect time to stock up on Holley’s range of best-selling biscuits.

Biscuits such as Farmhouse Oat Flip biscuits, for example. They’re crunchy, delicious and wheat-free, and are wonderful on their own; but when adorned with a thin layer of butter, they’re simply irresistible. They’re also available in a Cottage Crunch option – a delightful blend of coconut, syrup and oats - and a chocolate variant.

While we’re on the subject of chocolate…how does a dark chocolate and ginger combination sound? If our sales to date are anything to go buy, customers think it sounds delicious.

And they’re right!

Border’s Dark Chocolate Ginger biscuits offer taste buds the best of both worlds – spicy ginger to ignite the palate and rich dark chocolate to soothe the flames.

Border also makes our best-selling Lemon Drizzle Melts. The taste is all in the title – candied lemon peel and a zesty, zingy drizzle make these the perfect choice for customers looking to add a little sunshine to their day.

Of course, even the most delicious biscuits benefit from being merchandised cleverly and creatively. With prices usually reasonably similar across most shops, you as a retailer need to capitalise on the gains that can be made from the way your stock is presented.

Biscuits are best friends with tea and coffee, so it makes sense to place them near each other. Or think about what else people might like with a hot drink – a slice of cake, perhaps? Is it possible to display your biscuits close to where you sell your cakes?

Talking of all things cake-related, it’s good to remember that not all our best-selling biscuits fall into the traditional “cookie-style” mould. Some have a slightly different texture, like the Original Biscuit Bakers’ Deluxe Farmyard Gingerbread. Available in a delicious selection of hand decorated farmyard animals, these treats are perfect for children. Who could resist Meadow Maisy, Fleecy Flora, or Greedy Gertrude, for example?

And for the grown-ups, there are always Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes. Available in a 6-pack so there’s plenty to go around, these are tea cakes as you’ve never seen them - a delicious biscuit base topped with marshmallows and covered with real milk chocolate. Tunnock’s is a family-run business that’s been delivering deliciousness for well over 100 years, so you know you can trust their quality, value and taste.

Whatever biscuits you stock, there are essentially two key questions to ask yourself:

1.     Does your store make it easy for your customers to find the biscuits they’re looking for when they come in to do a main or “top-up” shop. As these two kinds of shopping make up 80% of all sales, it’s important to ensure you make things as easy and intuitive as possible for your customers.

2.     Are you inspiring your customers to make biscuits their sweet treat of choice when they come in on impulse because their sweet tooth is talking to them? Biscuits have to compete with chocolate when it comes to impulse buying, so making sure you stock the country’s best-selling brands helps your customers decide more easily.

Brands such as Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised Biscuits, with their characteristic crunch. They taste so good, you’re forgiven for not believing that they’re dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan.

Equally crispy and crunchy are Van Delft’s Café Noir biscuits. With their luxuriously thick layer of coffee glaze, they’re perfect with a cup of coffee.

And don’t forget Anna’s Ginger Thins. These delicate Swedish treats are loved by Scandinavians at Christmas time and by British customers all year round!

There’s no doubt eating something delicious and a little bit sweet makes us feel good – both physically and psychologically. This presents retailers with the ideal opportunity to play a more influential role in how they make their customer feel.

Stocking a wide range of proven, trusted best-selling biscuits from respected brands means you can help your customers create moments that matter. Whether they’re enjoying an afternoon with friends or taking time out to treat themselves, your customers rely on you to stock the biscuits they’re looking for when they need a little self-care and indulgence.

If you’d like any more information on Holley’s best-selling biscuits, or any other products in our range, please just ask.