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How can I get my Vegetarian and Vegan customers excited about BBQ season?

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It's all about the protein

Serious vegetarians and vegans know that one of the main challenges in eating well is replacing the protein from meat with tasty veggie alternatives. Standard soy based meat replacement burgers and sausages can make life easy, but there are more exciting alternatives for fine food lovers that everyone will enjoy.

Take inspiration from abroad

Great meatfree flavours are often discovered by using recipes from countries that have a high proportion of vegetarians or vegans for cultural reasons. For example, many Hindus in India are vegetarian most or all of the time, using pulses and a wide variety of vegetables and spices to create endless flavour combinations so fantastic you won’t miss meat at all.

  • BBQ IDEA: Try paneer and red pepper skewers marinated in a yogurt and cumin dressing, griddled over hot coals and served in a coriander naan bread with tangy lime pickle.

The Middle East is also rich in dishes that rely on pulses rather than meat for protein, famously using chickpeas to create falafels and houmous so delicious that many countries vie to be named as the best producers!

Experiment with Jackfruit

Jackfruit has come to prominence in recent years among flexitarians because its dense, fibrous texture replicates the firmness of meat. It’s great as a pulled pork substitute and readily takes on flavours such as barbecue or taco seasoning. Hint: jackfruit often comes canned in brine, so it’s best to fully drain and rinse the fruit before cooking with it.

  • BBQ IDEA: Pulled barbecue jackfruit, roasted slowly with sliced onions till tender then piled high with homemade slaw in a seeded bun.

Upgrade to protein super grains

Many Southern American and Middle Eastern grains are much higher in protein than traditional options like rice or couscous. For example, spelt is among the highest protein grains available, with over twice the protein of white rice. Bulgar wheat, quinoa and freekeh are also interesting options, either as warm or cold salad accompaniments.

  • BBQ IDEA: make a fresh tasting tabbouleh salad using bulgar wheat with sumac or ras el hanout spicing, chopped tomatoes, and a handful of finely shredded parsley.

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