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Comfort Foods

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Comfort food is a pleasure within tradition.

Everyone's comfort foods may be different, but on the whole, they are usually something that is energy-dense. They provide pleasure or temporarily make us feel better.

Browse the products below for inspiration of what to stock for your customers who are looking for that 'treat'!

BAKEWELL & BROWNE Millionaire's Crunch Bar 80g
BROWN BAG CRISPS Lightly Salted 40g
BROWN BAG CRISPS Oak Smoked Chilli 40g
BURTS Potato Chips - Prawn Cocktail 40g
MR ORGANIC Organic Baked Beans 400g
WILLIE'S CACAO Pure 100% Gold Sur del Lago 40g
WILLIE'S CACAO Ginger Lime Cuban 70 Dark Chocolate 50g